Nutrition and protein plays a substantial role in kids’ health

New Delhi (IANSlife) Ever since the world has been hit by the pandemic predicament, attention can now be channelled towards more important concerns like that of health and nutrition, especially that of children. Sitting inside our safe spaces has allowed us to invest time in adopting better eating habits for our pretty little ones.

A well balanced and nutritious diet plays an essential role in the holistic development of a child. The tiny toddlers tend to be highly selective when it comes to food which might miss out on the crucial components of their nutritious needs. It is therefore very important to ensure a substantial intake of nutrients for a child’s proper growth and development which further can be provided with desirable milk powders or supplements. During the growing years of a child’s life, some nutrients carry more weightage than others like that of proteins.

Right from the initial years of infancy through adolescence, proteins fuel a child’s physical and mental growth leading to stronger bodies and minds. Protein is a crucial component because it is responsible for building tissues such as muscles, skin and bones. Kids require more proteins during their childhood than at any other time in their lives. As suggested by the National Academies of Science, 1-3 year olds should get at least 13 grams a day, 4-8-year-olds should get at least 19 grams a day and 9-13-year-olds should get at least 34 grams a day, says Yashna Garg, CMO E-Commerce, ZeoNutra.

Here are a few things she suggests to focus on in your child’s development years —

Try to engage your kid in as much physical activity from their initial years itself. Activities like — dance, skating, cycling, swimming, etc. will not only help them to grow physically but mentally as well.

Including foods rich in healthy fats is also very essential. Try to add olives, nuts, avocados and seafood which provide essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

The best results are found by consuming just the milk powder in the milk without additional sugars. The compound has clinically the ideal amount of sweetness to intake by the kids to help them grow well.

Kids these days are in high contact with electronic gadgets which restricts brain development and also increases lethargy in them. It is suggested to pursue them in brain teaser activities and reading books.

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