Why 5 minutes of sun makes your mood better

New Delhi (IANSlife) “One of my most important rules in life is to take time to soak in the morning sun. I have been talking about the incredible benefits of being in the sun for more than 15 years now, and I encourage people, especially those burdened with excessive thoughts and laziness, to wake up, go out and stay under the sun, with no distractions. Not only does the sun create life, but it also nourishes life. It helps us thrive.

We were born under the sun, we grew up with food made by the sun and we ourselves cannot survive without sunlight. So why do we give it such less importance in our lives?”, says Radhika Iyer, founder of Anahata Organics and Raa Foundation.

Surya Namaskar is the first thing done in the morning in yoga as a salutation to the sun, showing respect to “the giver of life.” The sun is revered in Indian culture for its ability to provide energy and lift our spirits. Consider this: you’ve been in a dark room for two days, and on the third day, you open the window to let in some sunlight. What happens to your disposition? You most likely feel more awake, conscious, and energetic.

Sun exposure is crucial for our body to have a good regulatory system.

“Our circadian rhythm, or the biological clock, determines our mental and physical health. Your body’s clock responds to light as a signal to be awake and dark as a signal to fall asleep. When you go under the sun, your body starts working to provide your conscious mind with more energy to go through your day. This has an effect, as mentioned before, on your health as a whole”, adds Radhika, “Another crucial thing the sun provides us with is Vitamin D. Our body produces it naturally when exposed to the sun. Vitamin D is what enables the body to build and maintain healthy bones. Your body can only absorb calcium when Vitamin D is present. It also facilitates your normal immune system and is linked to improved resistance to certain illnesses such as hypertension, heart stroke and IBS. It is also linked to lowering the effects of depression and helps regulate our mood.”

You can take control of your health by doing something as simple as getting 5 minutes of sunlight right after you wake up. The sun is a life-giver, and once you realise how interconnected we are with the universe and with nature, you can open your eyes to a new, more vibrant life.

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