Weather takes a turn in Jharkhand, cold intensifies due to western disturbance

Ranchi:  The weather has changed in the entire state including the capital Ranchi.

It has started getting cold along with sporadic rains.

The weather remains normal due to clouds and sunshine during the day, but in the late evening one starts feeling cold. People are taking out warm clothes.

In Ranchi, the effect of cold starts increasing as the evening approaches.

According to meteorologist Abhishek Anand, due to western disturbance the weather changed and it rained.

For this reason the effect of cold has increased.

Meteorologist Abhishek Anand said that right now many districts including Ranchi will remain cloudy.

The weather will be normal during the day.

There will be cloud effect for the next one to two days.

The temperature has decreased due to the rain in the past few days.

The cold has increased.

He said that after the clouds disappear, the minimum temperature may drop by four to five degrees in the coming days.

In such a situation, people’s health may be affected.

Meteorological Department data shows that during the last 24 hours, the highest rainfall of 53 mm was recorded in Tonto of West Singhbhum.

While the highest maximum temperature of 32.8 degrees was recorded in Godda and the lowest minimum temperature of 18.1 degrees was recorded in Garhwa.

The maximum temperature of Ranchi has dropped by about four degrees in 24 hours.

The maximum temperature of Ranchi was 28.6 degrees while the minimum temperature was 19.2 degrees.

A day earlier it had gone up to 31.4 degrees.

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