We have to make Jharkhand a powerful state that it to have decide the path of development on its own – Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren

Dhanbad: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said, this is the government of the tribals, indigenous people and the people of Jharkhand. This government is not running from Ranchi-Delhi but from village-rural and mohalla-tola. A mega campaign is going on to deliver welfare schemes to every person’s doorstep. CM Hemant Soren said, we are trying to give people their rights with full respect.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren was addressing the program “Aapki Yojana, Aapki Sarkar, Aapke Dawar Programme ” organized at Moditola village in Balliapur block of Dhanbad district on Friday. He said that there will not be any house where one or the other scheme of the government has not reached. Our government is working to empower the last person of the society by connecting them with schemes. 

The Chief Minister said that the program “Aapki Yojana, Aapke Sarkar, Aapke Dwar” was organized for the first time in the year 2021. During this period approximately 30 lakh applications were received. At the same time, in this program organized for the second time in 2022, about 50 lakh people had applied in the camps regarding their problems. This program is running for the third time from November 24 this year. The way people’s enthusiasm is being seen in these camps clearly shows that people have a lot of expectations from the government.

He said that for two decades after the formation of a separate state, the problems of the people could not be solved properly. But, our government is solving the problems of the people by reaching their homes and doors. This trend will continue every year and during this time the government will also come to you with many new schemes. Our endeavor is to make every family happy and prosperous by joining the government schemes.

The Chief Minister said that this is the 20th camp under the program “Aapki Yojana, Aapki Sarkar, Aapke Dwar” in which I am participating myself. By coming to these camps, I am trying to see what the progress of the government schemes is and how people are getting benefits from it. Our effort is to ensure that the government’s schemes come to fruition in reality, so that the poor, the needy and the deprived can benefit from it.

The Chief Minister said that the work of opening an Aviation Training Center in Dumka is in the final stages. With its commencement, the young men and women here will get training as commercial pilots, ground engineers and air hostesses. This step of the government will pave the way for the youth of Jharkhand to progress in the field of aviation. He said that if the Central Government gives permission to the airstrip in Balliapur in Dhanbad district, then the State Government will move forward in the direction of developing it.

The Chief Minister said that all the students of class 10th, 11th and 12th will be given the Guruji Credit Card Scheme, so that they can become engineers, doctors, lawyers, journalists and officers. The specialty of this scheme is that you do not need to repay the education loan taken under this scheme until you get your degree. You repay the loan in installments only when you get a job. The aim of launching this scheme is that no student should leave his studies due to financial difficulties and work towards improving his future.

The Chief Minister said that booklets related to the government’s welfare schemes will be given to students in all libraries and schools. So that, they can tell their family members and guardians about what schemes are being run by the government for them. This will be beneficial in that people will not be deprived of the schemes due to lack of information and will be able to connect with the scheme of their need.

The Chief Minister said that our government is committed to bringing everyone under the ambit of social security. I would like to tell you that in the last 20 years only 16 lakh people were linked to the pension scheme, whereas in just 4 years our government is giving pension to more than 36 lakh elderly, widows and disabled people through the Universal Pension Scheme.

He also said that in our previous governments, about 11 lakh ration cards were made invalid, whereas our government has issued more than 20 lakh green ration cards and is giving free food grains to the poor. We have started the Abua Housing Scheme. Through this scheme, three-room permanent houses will be given to 8 lakh poor people. Whereas, under the Chief Minister Gram Gaadi Yojana, villages will be connected to cities and the elderly, Jharkhand agitators, women, disabled and students will be able to avail free transport service. There are many more such schemes, through which we are trying to strengthen and empower every class and section of the society.

The Chief Minister said that today is the machine age. Machines are increasingly replacing humans in factories. In such a situation, it is very important for the youth to be skilled, otherwise they will be left far behind. The government is well aware of this. For this reason, now we are giving skill development training to the youth at the block level so that they are able to maintain their place in this era of competition. 

The Chief Minister said that during the Corona period, it was revealed that lakhs of laborers of Jharkhand go to other states and foreign countries for employment. We came to know about the problems they have to face here when we brought them back during the Corona period. Now these laborers do not have to go out for work, the government has also made plans for this. Now efforts are being made to provide them employment through various schemes in their villages and homes. Not only this, the government has also made a plan for the welfare and safety of the workers. You must take advantage of these schemes by registering yourself on the Labor Department portal.

The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand is a state with a rural environment. Most of the population here is dependent on farming, animal husbandry and labour. In such a situation, the state cannot be strengthened without strengthening the villages. This is the reason why the government is continuously working to strengthen the rural economy. I would like to tell you that Annadatas do not have any ancestral property. Their assets are farms, barnes and livestock. In such a situation, we are giving them insured animals through Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Yojana. At the same time, many other schemes including Birsa Harit Gram Yojana and Didi Bari Yojana are going on to empower the farmers.

The Chief Minister said that there are some districts of the state where we have to buy electricity from DVC. In this, the arbitrariness of DVC often comes to the fore. But, very soon our government will supply uninterrupted power to the entire state on its own. For this, the work of building transmission lines, grids and sub-stations is going on at a very fast pace.

The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand is not a backward and poor state. But, during the last 20 years it was left to lag behind. No one showed commitment to take the state forward on the path of development. Our government is moving towards liberating this state from the tag of poverty and backwardness.  Jharkhand will become 25 years old in the year 2025. In such a situation, we will make the state so powerful in the next two years that we will not need to lend a hand to anyone. Jharkhand state will become so capable that it will decide its own path of development and will be counted among the leading states of the country.

The Chief Minister inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 206 schemes worth Rs 531 crore 7 lakh 35 thousand 565. In this, the foundation stone of 135 schemes worth Rs 122 crore 68 lakh 6 thousand 264 was laid, while the inauguration of 71 schemes worth Rs 408 crore 39 lakh 29 thousand 301 was completed. At the same time, assets worth Rs 418 crore 21 lakh 55 thousand 242 were distributed among 3 lakh 76 thousand 497 beneficiaries of various schemes.

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