Voters were facing problems in the sun, SSP got tents installed

Ranchi: Voting process is going on in Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency from 7 am.

Voters were facing a lot of trouble in the sunlight at booth center number 340 in Jawahar Nagar located on Kanke Road.

Voters called SSP Chandan Sinha a problem.

After which the SSP took the matter seriously and ordered a tent from Ranchi Police Line and ordered it to be installed at the booth.

After the tents were installed, people got relief from the sun and voters were standing in line and voting.

Police Observer, Ranchi SSP and Kotwali DSP inspected sensitive booths in Hindpiri area.

All the officers inspected Islamia Markaz, Urdu School and other sensitive booths.

Besides, many instructions were also given to the soldiers deployed at the booths.

There are long queues of voters in the booths located in Hindpiri area since morning.

However, as the day progressed, the crowd of people has reduced a bit.

Voting is going on peacefully at all the booths in Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency.

There has been no news of any untoward incidents from anywhere.

The voting process is being monitored in the booths under the assembly constituency in the control room made for 63 Ranchi assembly constituency in room number 218 located in Collectorate Block A.

Assistant Returning Officer Utkarsh Kumar is monitoring the voting.

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