Villagers troubled by elephants block Ranchi-Silli road

Ranchi: People troubled by the terror of elephants blocked the Ranchi-Silli road. On Sunday, the villagers of Silli blocked the Ranchi Silli road. Due to the blockade of the road by the villagers, there was a long queue of vehicles for several kilometers and hundreds of people were trapped in the jam.

The police team later reached the spot and convinced the people. The villagers have been stricken due to the riot of elephants in the Silli area. Every day elephants are making someone their prey destroying crops and damaging homes. Two days ago a woman was thrashed to death by a herd of elephants.

Angered by this incident, villagers took to the road on Sunday morning and blocked the road. The police team constantly tried to convince the villagers but the villagers were not ready to move. Later a team of the forest department assured them that all necessary efforts will be made to drive the elephants away from the area after which they relented.

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