Jump in the prices of fruits and vegetables due to low arrival

Ranchi: The prices of fruits and vegetables have increased once again in the cities of the state including Ranchi and Jamshedpur. The prices of fruits and vegetables have increased by up to 50 percent. While new potato is being sold at Rs 40 to 45 per kg in the market, the price of tomato has crossed Rs 50. Apple has also reached Rs 120 per kg. According to the vegetable vendors, vegetables are coming less in the cities since the time of Durga Puja.

At the same time, the price of vegetables has increased due to high consumption. Vegetable prices have skyrocketed. Apart from potatoes, tomatoes, beans, capsicum, carrot and other vegetables prices have increased as a result of which not everyone is able to buy vegetables due to high prices. 

According to a fruit seller in the capital, most of the apples in the city come from Kashmir. Rambandh is a place in Kashmir, where the road is blocked due to the falling of the mountain. Due to this, the fruit trucks are reaching the city late by 12 to 15 days, due to which most of the fruits are rotting in the truck itself. At the same time, fruits are getting damaged in Kashmir too.

The demand for fruits was high during the festivities, but the goods are coming less, due to which its prices have increased. At the same time, small apples come from Himachal. Very little fruit is coming from there too. Pomegranate comes from Maharashtra, it has been raining continuously for the past few days, due to which the pomegranate flower fell and this has affected the production of pomegranate.

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