Video series ‘Sanskari Master Ji’ with message of Ethical Voting released by Election Commission of India

Ranchi:  Chief Electoral Officer K Ravi Kumar on Monday released the video series “Sanskari Master Ji” with the message of Ethical Voting.

On this occasion, K Ravi Kumar said that the Election Commission is encouraging the general public to vote ethically.

In order to ensure that the common citizens do not fall into any temptation and vote for anyone, but vote for the eligible candidate with their discretion, the Chief Electoral Office has launched a video series “Sanskari Master Ji” to create a positive atmosphere across the state in view of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

The Chief Electoral Officer said that the Sanskari Master Ji series has been produced by the Chief Electoral Office, inspired by the character of Vijay Kumar who is famous among the people as Sanskari Master Ji from the serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai”.

The issue of ethical voting has been specifically emphasized in the various short videos of this video series.

He said that not only is it being promoted and distributed by all the districts on social media, it is also being promoted through posters and banners.

He said that under the Constitution, rich and poor all have equal right to vote without any caste discrimination.

This right should not be used under any kind of inducement.

With the aim of spreading Sanskari Master Ji’s video series to the masses, a social media hashtag campaign Sanskari Master Ji was also launched in the afternoon, which remained popular throughout the day on various social media platforms.

On this occasion, Vijay Kumar Ji (Sanskrit Master Ji) of the serial “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai” thanked the Chief Election Office for providing the opportunity to do this noble work.

He told that he was born in Jharkhand, it was from here that he studied, and he is getting the opportunity to make the people of this state aware about the elections.

This is a matter of pride for them.

During this time Vijay Singh’s elderly father Jagdish Singh, mother Murat Devi and Sister Kiran Devi were also present.

His family members were also honored in the program.

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