UP tops in pisciculture, to be awarded next week

Lucknow (IANS) Uttar Pradesh has emerged as the best Indian state in terms of inland pisciculture.

The state will be awarded by the Union ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairies at the global fisheries conference scheduled next week on the occasion of World Fisheries Day.

An official spokesperson stated that as many as 21 schemes are being run in the state to promote breeding of fishes for commercial purposes.

In the past one year, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has championed the cause.

Sharing details, state fisheries Minister Sanjay Kumar Nishad said that the Yogi government has worked hard to ensure effective implementation of various schemes over the past six year.

“As a result of these efforts, production of fish in the state has increased. A production of 9.15 lakh metric tonnes has been recorded in 2023 against 8.08 lakh metric tonnes in 2022. Likewise, the state has recorded a production of 36,187 lakh metric tonnes of fish seed against 27,128 lakh metric tonnes last year,” the minister said, adding that Rs 152.82 crore has been provided to beneficiaries through the schemes.

Officials concerned said that ranching is being done in rivers of 68 districts in UP. The fishermen accident insurance scheme has benefited 1,16,159 fishermen in the state.

According to the scheme, assistance of Rs 5 lakh is granted to fishermen who lose their lives in accidents, Rs 2.5 lakh to those who become disabled and Rs 25,000 to the injured. Earlier, ranching was limited to 12 districts, but it has expanded to rivers of 68 districts.

To establish the state as a fisheries hub, an ultra-modern fish mall is under construction in Chandauli, with an investment of Rs 62 crore.

The Yogi government has approved bank loans totalling Rs 10,772.77 lakh for 14,021 fishermen this year. Furthermore, the department has provided training in fish farming to over 1500 fishermen.

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