Two member team from Jamaica visits Khunti and Ranchi district, to make documentary

Ranchi: A documentary based on the natural beauty of Jharkhand, tribal culture and tradition, women empowerment, agriculture self-help group system will be shown in Jamaica. A two-member team from Jamaica visited the Khunti and Ranchi districts of the state. The team got information about various tourist places of Jharkhand, culture and tradition of tribals here, working of women of self-help groups, agriculture etc. Carroll Francis and Arlo Fiedler were included in Jamaica’s two-member team. Both are members of the PBCJ, Jamaica’s public relations system.

The Jamaican team captured the natural beauty of Jharkhand on their camera on the first day. The team saw the scene of the Dassam fall in Khunti. After this, the lac product being carried out through Van Dhan Vikas Kendra in Siladon, the manufacturing work of various products under Palash, was captured in the camera and the team also discussed with the women and the changes in their lives. The team also witnessed the traditional jewelery being manufactured under the Adiva brand. The team later reached the Livelihood Resource Center in Gutjora to know how women empowerment is bringing a change in the lives of women in Jharkhand. There they also saw micro drip irrigation, poly nursery gardening, chicks hardening center being implemented by Sakhi Mandals.

On the second day of the tour, the Jamaican team visited Rampur Panchayat, Sidraul and Lalkhatanga in Namkum Block. Here the team closely watched the implementation of the schemes being run under Mnrega. The team came to know about how the village is developing through schemes by providing employment to the people in the rural environment. Fascinating dances are an important part of the tribal tradition of Jharkhand. The team from Jamaica danced with local artists from Jharkhand. The team of local artists gave information about the dance. Carol, who hails from Jamaica, said that she was impressed by the culture of Jharkhand and the work being done by women. The tribal tradition of Jharkhand is amazing.

The Jamaican team also enjoys traditional food. The documentary, being made on the instructions of the High Commission of India, will help preserve the history of the Indian community in Jamaica. Especially the emotional attachment of the Indians living here will increase, the culture of Jharkhand will be able to see the panoramic view of the living and development taking place here.

This documentary with the people of Jharkhand living in Jamaica will be shown in Jamaica at the Showcase India ‘India at 75’ event on the occasion of 75th anniversary of independence.

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