Tribals returned from Christianity to Sarna religion

Ranchi:  In Gumla, 20 people reverted to Sarna religion from Christianity. In Jhapatoli village of Basia block Kumhari Panchayat of Gumla district, 20 Christians have returned home to Sarna community. Buddheshwar Pahan got the worship done according to law, in which chief guest Hindu Jagran Manch, Jharkhand State Conversion Chief, Sanjay Verma was present.

Two years ago, the Oraon family of Jhapatoli village became Christians due to the temptation and healing of Christian missionaries. Some people of the family used to be sick, they hoped that after adopting Christianity, the relatives would get cured but it did not happen. After this everyone once again agreed to return home to Sarna Samaj.

Laxman Oraon, Birsa Oraon, Sujit Oraon, Sukro Oraon, Munni Devi, Hazari Oraon, Chand Oraon, Rekha Oraon, Basanti Tigga, Bandha Oraon, Paku Oraon, Rinku Oraon, Somo Oraon, Paniya Oraon, including 20 people’s houses in Sarna Dharma Is back again. Birsa Oraon said that we are very happy that we have returned to our society in our religion. We don’t have any complaints against anyone. We had lost our way, now once again we have returned to the path of our religion and society.

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