Tribal literature seminar will be organized in a two-day national-level program

Ranchi: A national seminar will be organized in “Jharkhand Tribal Festival-2023”.

The topics of tribal economy, tribal literature, and tribal knowledge, past and future of anthropology will be discussed in the seminar.

The contribution of urban economy to the economic development of a nation is as much as that of tribal economy.

In this seminar special discussion will be held on the dual objectives of the economic system.

Eminent Speakers – Dr. C P Chandrasekhar, Dr. Jayati Ghosh, Dr. Amit Bhaduri, Dr. Praveen Jha, Dr. Arun Kumar, Dr. Jean Dreze, Dr. Bela Bhatia, Dr. Ramesh Sharan, Dr. Jaya Mehta, P. Sainath.

Tribal knowledge, anthropological past and future In order to understand tribal life and its values, it is necessary to know the anthropological past and future.

The main factors related to this will be highlighted.

Eminent Speakers – Pro. T. Kattimani, Prof. SM Patnaik, Pro. Satyanarayan Munda, Pro. Vijay S Sahay, Pro. M.C. Behera, Pro. Pushpa Motiani, Pro. Sumhan Bandopadhyay, Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahoo, Dr. Pinak Tarafdar, Dr. Daly Nellie

The subject of literature based on tribal life, lifestyle, traditions and socio-cultural systems will also be discussed in the seminar.

The positive results of the social, economic and educational development of the tribal group will also be discussed.

Distinguished Speakers – Mamang Dai, Prof. (Retd.) Mridula Mukherjee, Prof. (Retd) Aditya Mukherjee, Dr. Rakesh Batabyal, Pro. Mahalakshmi Ramakrishnan, Prof. V. Selvakumar, Dr. Sneha Ganguly, Dr. Kishore Lal Chandel, Dr. Dev Kumar Jhajan, Prof. Roma Chatterjee.

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