Treatment of pancreatitis through endoscopy procedure started in Medanta

Ranchi: Pancreatitis will be treated through endoscopy procedure in Medanta Hospital started in Ranchi.

Dr. Sangeet Saurabh of Medanta Abdur Razzaq Ansari Memorial Weavers Hospital said in a press conference in Ranchi on Saturday.

He said that a young man resident of Ramgarh was admitted to the hospital.

He was suffering from unbearable pain in the stomach, frequent fever and vomiting.

Even before this he had undergone treatment in some other hospital.

Dr. Saurabh told that considering the condition of the patient, treatment was done under EUS procedure.

This is called cystogastrostomy.

In this, after acute pancreatitis, dirty infected substances and debris of the patient get accumulated.

This is called a pseudocyst or WON.

Drainage was done through endoscopy and a stent was placed.

Due to which harmful water was taken out.

In this way the patient resident of Ramgarh was cured.

About the patient, Dr. Saurabh said that initially he was given antibiotics.

Later, after undergoing a CT scan, it was found that he had acute pancreatitis.

In today’s time, the disease of pancreatitis is increasing a lot.

This is a serious disease.

In 10 percent cases the patient even dies.

This disease occurs due to gallstones and drinking alcohol.

In this disease, there is swelling in the pancreas and surrounding tissues, due to which organ failure can occur in 20 to 30 percent of patients.

In this disease, there is swelling in the pancreas which can affect other organs as well.

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