RMC preparing to run 244 new city buses for the convenience of citizens

Ranchi: To strengthen the transport system of the capital, Ranchi Municipal Corporation is preparing to run 244 new city buses, so that easy and affordable bus facility can be provided to the people from one end of the city to the other.

As soon as new buses arrive with the corporation, the 44 buses currently running will be removed.

However, the corporation is busy searching for an operator to run city buses.

The corporation has floated tenders four times for operating city buses.

Twice no company participated in the tender, while twice only a single company participated in the tender.

Now after the code of conduct is over, the corporation is preparing to float the fifth tender.

The fares of the corporation’s city buses will be kept very low.

People will travel in these buses when the fares are low.

It will be easier for people to travel when regular city bus services start on different routes of the city.

Corporation officials believe that when city bus services are easily available, people will choose to travel by bus instead of bike or car.

Reduction in the load of bikes and cars on the city roads will also provide relief from traffic jams.

The company operating the bus will also have to develop an app.

Through the app, passengers will also be able to see the nearest bus stop, the route of the bus and the time of arrival of the bus at the stop.

This will provide a lot of convenience to the passengers and they will be able to travel from one place to another easily.

200 bus stops will be built in Ranchi Municipal Corporation area and old bus stops will be upgraded.

Out of 244 buses, 220 buses will run on diesel, which will not have AC. 24 electric buses will have AC facilities.

All buses will cover a distance of 174 km daily.

Initially around 200 buses can start operating, the remaining buses will be kept in reserve.

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