Police recovered the rifle used in the murder in Extreme Bar murder case

Ranchi:  DJ Boy was shot dead on the night of 27th May at Extreme Bar located in Chutia police station area.

The rifle used in this incident was recovered by Ranchi Police from the Tupudana area on Saturday, five days after the incident.

According to sources, a raid was conducted under the leadership of City SP to recover weapons.

Apart from the City SP, several police station in-charges including the City DSP were also included in the raid team.

It is said that the weapon was kept hidden in the garage.

However, no police officer of Ranchi Police is saying anything in this regard yet.

In fact, at 1 o’clock on the night of 27th May, the DJ boy of Extreme Bar was shot dead.

The police had arrested the main accused of this murder, Abhishek Singh alias Vicky from Gaya district.

A total of 17 people have been sent to jail in the Extreme Bar assault and murder case.

Raids are going on to arrest other people.

On May 28, the police had arrested four people including Abhishek Singh’s father Ashok Singh in connection with a conspiracy to drive away Abhishek Singh from Ranchi.

On Friday, the police had arrested two more accused named Deva and Prakash and sent them to jail. 

Another accused (Rahul Ranjan, brother-in-law of main accused co-shooter Abhishek) was also sent to jail by the police in a vehicle theft case in Tupudana OP area.

Rahul was caught by the police for helping Abhishek to escape, but investigation revealed that Rahul used to use the stolen vehicle in Bihar.

After which the police sent him to jail in a vehicle theft case.

In the case of assault on Abhishek Singh and his partner, the police have arrested nine people including Extreme Bar operator Vishal Singh, his partner, bouncer and employee and sent them to jail.

Chutiya police station has taken Abhishek Singh, the main accused in the DJ Sandeep murder case, on remand for four days.

On the second day, City SP, City DSP, several police station officers and more than a dozen police officials interrogated the accused.

During interrogation on Friday night, Abhishek revealed the secret of hiding the weapon.

There is also information about many people being taken into custody.

Police are searching for Abhishek Singh’s brother Roshan Singh.

Police have received information that after the incident, Roshan was giving instructions on the phone to hide the weapon.

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