Travel essentials for a Bachelor’s trip

New Delhi (IANS) As exciting as it is for a groom to marry his lady love, a bachelor party with his friends is just as vital, right? While some grooms plan to travel abroad to complete their bachelor checklist, others opt to celebrate with their closest friends and BFFs.

The perfect bachelor party location, whether it’s on the beach or in the great outdoors, needs just the right combination of outfits for all that partying and hanging out with buddies.

Check out these 5 essentials:

Tank Tops

When it comes to clothing, tank tops are the new cool for men. Their dynamic nature makes them a suitable companion for both casual and semi-casual looks. You can style them with your shorts, cargo, baggy pants, harem pants, or jeans, basically any type of bottom, which will give you a cool, casual look. Tight-fit tanks are also ideal for layering and provide more cooling benefits than a typical cotton tee. Wear it under knitwear, a blazer, a jacket, or even a shirt.


If you like shorts, I’m sure you have a complete inventory of the summertime staple on your hands. But it’s your bachelor’s party and you have decided to celebrate it on the beach or maybe at a pool party with your pals, it allows you to wear your favourite shorts with your holiday t-shirts. You can go for a sunset walk on the beach while wearing your favourite pair of casual shorts and your best t-shirt. Also, don’t forget to flaunt your biceps by pairing shirts with printed shorts. You can wear your shirt like a jacket by opening the buttons, and that would look fantastic with those shorts. If you are a fan of print, choose complimenting print patterns or play it safe and pair printed shorts with solid t-shirts.


The perfect travel watch is one that is almost always on every trip’s checklist, and if there is ever a time to have a reliable watch, it is while traveling. Sports watches offer higher water resistance and durability, making them ideal for holidays that include more physically demanding and aquatic activities. If you’re heading somewhere more reserved, your “fun in the sun” time may be restricted, and a dress watch will generally suffice. Alternatively, you might carry two watches. One sports watch for a day at the beach and one dress watch for a beautiful evening dinner. You can always choose a watch for yourself depending on your look and the type of activity you are doing.


While shoes may appear to be simply another item to pack, putting a little extra thought into what your feet will be wearing for the next week or two always pay back. You walk a lot more while you’re exploring a new location than when you’re at your house. With this in mind, it’s worth your time to look for the best men’s footwear for travel. We’re talking about shoes that are not only extremely comfortable and supportive but also look fantastic. Loafers are versatile and go well with almost any outfit. A pair of sports shoes will be enough for your exercise needs, while flip-flops will suffice for your relaxing strolls.


This specific item is a matter of personal taste, and no man with a sense of style can complete his outfit without it. Without a nice pair of sunglasses, all of your vacation clothes are incomplete. A good pair of travel sunglasses should be long-lasting, have a distinct look, and be able to filter harmful UV rays. Polarised lenses are a good choice for your vacation since they decrease glare, while various coloured tints perform better in other situations. Check that the frame is not overly tight, but rather comfortably snug. Investing in a classic style, such as the aviator or wayfarer, is always a wise decision. On the other hand, choosing a statement pair with mirrored lenses and a brightly coloured frame, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to add some style.

Sakshi Shrivastava, Fashion Designer, DaMENSCH

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