Traditional tribal jewellery brand Adiva launched

Ranchi: Chief Executive Officer Nancy Sahai launched the brand Adiva, a traditional tribal jewelery brand manufactured by the women of Sakhi Mandal, at the state office of Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS) at Hehal. The team was connected through online medium. Palash brand was started on the initiative of Chief Minister Hemant Soren to connect the products of Sakhi Mandal with the larger market, which has increased the income of rural women.

In this connection the Adiva Adivasi Jewellery brand has been launched to establish the identity of the state in a unique way. In the launching event, CEO JSLPS along with the sisters of Sakhi Mandal launched the jewellery brand by releasing the catalog of Adiva Jewellery. The main objective of the launch of Adiva brand is to make rural women self-employed and save the state’s heritage tribal jewellery, by linking the state’s traditional jewelery to the larger market through a new identity. Under the guidance of Dr Manish Ranjan, Secretary, Rural Development Department, Adiva is an attempt to establish new dimensions of entrepreneurship by
connecting tribal jewelery manufactured by the women of Sakhi Mandal to the big market.

On the occasion of the launch of ‘Adiva’, the Chief Executive Officer of JSLPS Nancy Sahai congratulated the women of Sakhi Mandal making tribal jewellery and talked about connecting more and more rural women with this skill. She said that the jewellery sub-brand Adiva was launched under the Palash brand, through which the tribal traditional jewelery of the state would get an identity. She said that the rich tradition of the state can be gauged from the jewellery of Adiva brand manufactured by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal. Secretary, Rural Development Department Manish Ranjan while congratulating the sisters of Sakhi Mandal on the launch of Adiva, a tribal jewelery brand, said that it is an innovative effort that will significantly increase the income of rural women. He hoped that the handmade jewellery and other products by the sisters of Sakhi Mandal will establish their identity at the national level. Dr Manish Ranjan appealed to the sisters of Sakhi Mandal to connect more and more women under the brand Palash so that the benefits of this initiative of the Rural Development Department reach every enterprising woman of the remote village.

In the launching programme of ‘Adiva’, JSLPS teams from all the 24 districts of the state were connected online. On the other hand, some women from Murhu of Khunti, associated with the manufacturing of Adiva Jewellery, were present in the launching programme. Expressing happiness on the launch of Jewelery cum Brand ‘Adiva’, Yashoda Devi of Khunti said that with this initiative they are giving a new look to the handmade jewelery by sisters. She hoped that the tribal jewelery manufactured by them will add beauty to the beauty of women and their first choice will be Adiva. She said that they make traditional tribal jewellery from silver, silver, metal etc which people like very much.

The launch of ‘Adiva’ will help in bringing the art and culture of the state on the national stage. Adiva jewelery can be purchased online through Palash Mart mobile application and will also be available at Palash Mart. Adiva has been launched as a co-brand under the Palash brand. The brand Palash has been started by the Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society in the state to connect the products of rural women with the larger market, under which the number of new co-brands and products is continuously increasing. This initiative will ensure an increase in the income of rural women.

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