Time for the total hair reboot!

New Delhi (IANSlife) In today’s social media world, where we have mastered the art of capturing the perfect selfie-stating #nofilter or #sunkissedlook, don’t underestimate the significance of the crown that we never take off. Beauty trends aren’t just about skincare anymore; complete head-to-toe-care is essential for enhancing the features of an overall appearance, which can boost confidence.

Hair sets the tone of the entire look and hence is important to keep a strong identity. Around 80-85 per cent of the hair is composed of a protein called keratin, which is essential for the health of our hair. Lack of protein can lead to brittle hair, breakage, hair thinning, and slow growth. Therefore, we should optimise our protein intake by consuming a healthy diet and a good hair care regimen. Here are some tips to reboot your hair health shared by Plabita Sharma, National Training Manager, The Body Shop India:

* Understand your hair type: The first and most important step is to understand your hair type, which will help you decide on your next course of action and implement an effective hair care regimen. Along with understanding the scalp’s moisture types being dry, oily or flaky, it is essential to consider other factors like hair’s porosity, texture, and structure as well. To determine the hair condition, either seek professional advice or observe the hair and scalp post-wash for self-understanding. As an example, if the scalp becomes greasy after washing the hair on the second day and the hair appears limp and flat, the hair is most likely oily.

* Cleanse: The main purpose of shampoo is to cleanse the dirt and oil from the scalp and hair shaft. This action basically helps to reduce scalp inflammation, itching and odour. Choose a shampoo that has a mild surfactant like SLES which is less aggressive yet effectively cleanse the hair. Also, depending upon the scalp and hair type, opt for natural ingredients like tea tree, shea, ginger, etc. and advanced keratin formula-based products. Look for benefits like refreshing, intense hydration, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. Limit the washing to 2-3 times a week and always remember to dilute it for better results.

* Condition: Conditioner is usually the second step in hair washing, which is often neglected or avoided. The function of a hair conditioner is to replenish the lost moisture that improves the feel and manageability of hair. It reduces the friction between strands and improves the overall texture and elasticity of the hair, making it appear healthy and frizz-free. Opt for a silicone-free conditioner to reap the benefits in the long run. Silicone-free products allow the hair shaft to absorb the moisture and nourish it better.

* Target: Ideally, hair masks are recommended to be used once or twice a week to significantly improve hair texture and appearance. A hair mask is usually a thicker and creamier version of conditioner which is more potent and loaded with nutrients like natural oil, lipids and keratin that provide deep conditioning, helping the damaged hair to repair and heal. Look for ingredients like shea and banana that are naturally rich in moisture and promote overall hair health.

* Accessories: Last but not least, opt for hair accessories that are hair-friendly. Choose a lightweight wide-tooth wooden comb over the plastic ones to prevent tangles and breakage. Invest in a microfibre towel that soaks up all the excess water without frizzing the hair. Allow the hair to dry naturally and go trendy with the silk scrunchies that are super smooth and gentle for the hair.

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