Three cheers for Ale

New Delhi (IANSlife) With the world celebrating International Beer Day on August 6, and having one special day to celebrate the beverage that can make even the dullest of days brighter Avneet Singh, Founder, Medusa Beverages Pvt Ltd, says, “Nothing spells bonding time with friends than a perfectly brewed, frosty mug of beer with your favourite snacks.”

“International Beer Day is quintessential, the perfect occasion to enjoy a big mug of beer, guilt-free. I’m glad to be involved in creating a mass favourite beverage that’s the life of all parties, friends’ reunions, etc,” says Avneet.

Here’s a list of beers you should try this world beer day:

1. A1 India Pale Ale: The very own gateway brewing co. releases A1 IPA. India Pale Ale that came from England to India in the 1800s has now been recreated for contemporary times. This beer has the qualities of any A1 product, a classic moniker that has been used to denote top-class quality products. It started off with Lloyd’s shipping list as they used it to designate the most superior vessel in the sea.

This A1 beer is available in a 1 litre Pet bottle and Gateway’s ‘Party Kegs’ holds 5 litres which can provide around 15 glasses of beer.

Priced at: Rs 590 per bottle. Available at

2. Medusa Beer: Medusa understands that beer is a passion, a lifestyle choice and importantly, a historic drink with a unique culture that needs to be preserved. Over the years, medusa has become the perfect combination of best barley malt and imported hops from Germany with 5.9 per cent alcohol strength.

Priced at: Rs 100 Available online and instore

3. Bad Monkey Beer: Want to experience true beer indulgence? Try the super-strong Bad Monkey beer which tastes sweet, sour, salty, fatty and of course bitter in the right balance. Its aroma is the cherry on the cake. Well, don’t go by our words; take a sip and discover what makes Bad Monkey great.

Price on request. Available online and in-store.

4. Hoegaarden 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Wheat Beer: India’s First Alcohol-Free Premium Wheat Beer Hoegaarden 0.0 per cent Non-Alcohol Wheat beer is bottle-fermented and, when poured, should have a cloudy appearance and a thick creamy head. Hoegaarden is best enjoyed from its characteristic hexagonal glass which helps to keep the beer colder for longer.

Priced at: Rs 100 Available on Amazon

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