This training camp will prove to be helpful in coordination between the legislature and the executive – Speaker Rabindranath Mahato

Ranchi: A three-day training on the process of law-making and the responsibility of the executive was concluded in the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly on Wednesday. Speaker Rabindranath Mahto gave certificates to the trainees and expert guests. He said coordination between the legislature and the executive is very important, the legislature makes laws and the executive only implements them. With this training, more coordination will be established between the two, because the executive is an ally of the legislature.

The officers prepare the answers given by the ministers in the House. Their role is important in a democratic system. It is said such an event has been organized for the first time and such training camps will continue to be organized in the future as well. While congratulating the officers, he said all the subjects were studied in a short time and all the officers came in the midst of busyness, for this they deserve congratulations.

Former Secretary General of Lok Sabha PDT Acharya, former Additional Secretary of Lok Sabha Devendra Singh Oswal, IIPA’s Surendra Lal Tripathi, PRS Legislative Research’s Chakshu Rai and Deputy Secretary of Lok Sabha Miranda Indugam besides Joint Secretary of Jharkhand Legislative Assembly Mithilesh Mishra participated in the three-day workshop.

On the last day of the workshop, Surendra Nath Tripathi discussed the coordination between the legislature and the executive. Chakshu Rai addressed the restoration of the law-making process and taking parliamentary privilege.

Mithilesh Mishra apprised the trainees about the arrangement of the committee of the house. Sharing the experience of the workshop, Sunil Singh, Joint Secretary, Product Department, said every day there is something new to learn for a human being. If someone is under the illusion that he knows everything, then it is wrong. He got a lot of new information after coming to this camp. This is the first time such an event has taken place, for which they express their gratitude.

Deputy Secretary of the Health Department, Dhruv Prasad said such events should continue. Many speakers gave their lectures in English. If they had given in Hindi, it would have been more useful. Deputy Secretary, Rural Works Department, Vijay Kumar Bhagat said this 3-day training camp was very motivating. This will simplify the process of law-making. 

The officers of the Indian Administrative Service, State Administrative Service and Secretariat Cadre participated in this training workshop. At the end of the programme, the vote of thanks was done by Secretary in-charge Syed Javed Haider.

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