The smell of success

New Delhi (IANSlife) Do you remember the first time you used perfume? Was it as a shy, blushing teenager at 13, hoping to get attention, or a young, scrawny kid hoping to look like an adult?

That seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? Well, the first time perfume was used in India was ages ago. The Paper trail of fragrances leads us back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, around 3300 BCE when fragrances were called ‘Ittar’, thriving at the disposal of the rich and nobles. Gradually, kingdoms fell, and towns entered the picture. As time and art progressed, so did the tastes and chemical industry. Perfumes became complex and then came the iconic Chanel no.5, the world’s first abstract fragrance, an unmistakable scent that took its place as the centerpiece of class, and luxury.

But, as interest arose, fragrances transformed from a status symbol to a personal statement. They became intimate, expressed identities, and now it’s all about the scent that speaks to you, and for you. From strictly natural ingredients to the current time when you can customise your own unique scent, and gift it to a loved one, perfumes are no longer on the backseat, but rather, take the stage before you.

2023 is the year of breaking barriers- we snap open the boxes, jump across the bridges, and break through the glass wall! It is the year we break out of conventions and break into who we really are- and push ourselves to see who we can become. Which is why, finding your scent is of the essence. You need a perfume that is as bold, and daring as you are, a perfume that blurs the line between expectations and identities and lets you unapologetically be you.

Here is a list of unisex perfumes curated by experts that let you blur the lines- in all the right ways:

GUESS Gold Eau de Parfum: Inspired by the free-spirited- this is a floral fragrance with notes of mandarin, jasmine, and sandalwood. A perfect accessory for long summer days, that dares to ask- why should girls have all the fun?

Chopard Malaki Musk Eau de Parfum: Leave a strong impression with the rich smell of musk, cedar, black pepper, and leather.

Savane di Seta Eau de parfum: Launched in 2021, this woody spicy smell has notes of Carrot Seeds, Orris and Sandalwood.

Alyssa Ashley Ocean Blue EAU de toilette: Let this fresh marine accord delicacy with a bright, sunny citrus accord be the perfect companion to your vibrant energy.

Amber Malaki Eau de Parfum: Enticing amber notes lay at the heart of this decadent fragrance with spicy notes, lending a seductive quality to this intoxicating scent.

Now that we have given you the holy grail of fragrances- go check them out now or visit CRED Store for more curated guides to add to your cart this season.

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