‘Tatpar’ helpline turning out to be boon for migrants walking on foot

Ranchi: The Tatpar helpline launched by the district administration is turning out to be a boon for the migrants who are walking on foot towards their villages.

The Ranchi district administration is making sure that migrants do not have to walk on foot inside Ranchi city. Since the majority of the migrants are not aware of the helpline number therefore the administration has urges the people social workers and media persons to inform on 1950 whenever they see any migrant walking on foot.

The administration said that after any call is received immediate action is taken and a bus is sent to the spot and the Nodal officer Sanjay Kumar himself is doing the rounds on prominent roads.

Under this initiative 5 buses and a four-wheeler are doing the rounds and on Thursday more than 50 workers walking on foot in Dhurwa, Tupudana, Doranda, Birsa Chowk areas were taken to nearby shelters.

These vehicles are also equipped with maks, sanitizers, snacks, slippers etc.

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