Swiss time in an avant garde Indian design

New Delhi (IANSlife) In a design collaboration with New Delhi artist duo Thukral and Tagra, Rado announces its newest addition to the True Square Collection, the True Square “Over the Abyss”. The timepiece presses on our temporality as individuals and highlights the importance of our connection with others.

Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra’s work is often described as social design, as the duo always tries to understand their existence and questions the status quo, thus naming their work: Over the abyss. The unique time display superimposes the local time of the wearer to several time zones of the world. These different time zones are symbolized by 37 hands that are painted in a gradation of colours ranging from blue to pink, and looking like enchanting fireworks in the middle of the dial.

Two discrete but mighty SuperLuminova dots indicate the local time. The captivating dial with colour strikes is encapsulated by a 38mm matt blue high-tech ceramic case of square shape with gently rounded corners, an homage to Rado’s iconic shape from the 70s and updated for the 21st century. The case back features a painting by the duo called Dominus Aeries that explores visions from the future with references from the past.

At the sidelines of the launch IANSlife spoke to Thukral and Tagra to find get more details about the design and concept:

Q: Tell us about this collaboration and why it’s called True Square “Over the Abyss”

Thukral and Tagra: The project coincides with the time of lockdown or solitude state of mind which acts as a reminder of our future being uncertain. The image of our community at a time when we all are experiencing isolation, and a representation of the reunions with loved ones that we all fervently hope may soon be possible.

Over the Abyss is a meditative proposal of a deep state of mind where thoughts float multiply in the deepest of the abyss. Stuck in a novel of science fiction, we deal with an isolated space and time. The only silver lining of living in a moment is the fragility to form into new.

Q: The timepiece press on our temporality as individuals and mortality… how do you interpret this?

Thukral and Tagra: We are experiencing something we never imagined or probably just read or seen in fiction. The scale of it is so significant and prominent that it has forced us to re-think how we eat, consume, connect, work, and live. The ideas of ephemerality are imperative to reflect at this time. We are interested in building communities that can think and breathe new solutions.

Q: The pandemic has really put the spotlight on the importance of our connection with others, how is this reflected in the design

Thukral and Tagra: The 37 arms in the RADO True Square are set of people across the globe. When we say we are in it together, facing, fighting, and fostering possibilities for the future, these 37 arms will make you feel connected with a lot more time zones, and share a common experience of viewing time.

Q: Your work is often described as social design, questioning the status quo, do you think India is devolving instead of evolving as a nation?

Thukral and Tagra: Well, the fact is that everything is always evolving and ever-growing. In past, we shaped our present, and now the future is getting shaped, we all are anxious to see what the future beholds.

Q: Key projects to look forward to in 2021

Thukral and Tagra: We have been working on new modalities of building communities by the act of play. Currently, our studio has been working on new games sets, which work as a “work of art in a game format”.

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