Stylish alternatives for Onam

New Delhi (IANSlife) The festival of Onam is celebrated throughout the state of Kerala. Kerala during Onam is marked by happiness, excitement and enjoyment among people of all ages. It is an annual Indian harvest festival celebrated predominantly in the state of Kerala.

The dress code for ladies in this festival typically involves wearing the Kasavu Saree, a traditional white sari with a golden border, while men wear the Mundu. The traditional dress adds to the festive atmosphere of Onam. It symbolises the unity and diversity of Kerala’s culture. It all about showcasing Kerala’s rich traditions and vibrant culture, with everyone, from children to elders, participating with enthusiasm.

Onam’s traditional outfit has gone through many changes and has become more ornamental and elegant. We can skip the typical Kasavu saree and wear different stylist alternatives from all over India like Ikkat, Banarasi, Kanjeevaram and much more. Here is what you need to know about different stylist alternatives this festive season of Onam:


The art of making these sarees is currently practiced in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. In Ikkat sarees the yarn is “tied” and “dyed” before the fabric is dyed and woven. Since the pattern is created in the yarn itself, Ikkat sarees are patterned on both sides.


The distinguishing symbol of Kanjeevaram sarees from others is the vibrant colors and heavy zari work on the hem and pallu. These sarees are worn by brides and by most women on special occasions. These sarees originate from Kanchipuram, a small town in Tamil Nadu. The zari work is done with silver threads dipped in gold and is the imagination of the weaver that is woven onto the fabric.


Banarasi Brocade sarees are famous all over the world and originally made in Varanasi. They are among the finest sarees in India. They are made from threads of real gold and silver and also they have heavy zari embroidery work on the sarees. The silk used for making these sarees is extremely soft Katan silk.


Organza is a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk. Many modern organzas are woven with synthetic filament fibers such as polyester or nylon.Organza is distinguished by its crisp hand, stiffness relative to weight, and slippery surface texture.


Patola is a double ikat woven sari, usually made from silk, made in Patan, Gujarat, India. The word patola is the plural form; the singular is patolu. These sarees are made using silk threads that are first dyed with natural colors and then woven together to create the intricate patterns and designs. Patola silk sarees are known for their vibrant colors, bold geometric designs, and intricate detailing, which make them highly prized and sought after by saree lovers all over the world.

Every saree tells a different story and so the sarees from different parts of India. Celebrate this Onam with stylist alternatives beyond the traditional Kerala Saree.

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