Students from Jharkhand come out with flying colours in JEE

Ranchi, Apr 27: Students from Jharkhand have come out with flying colours in the results of the JEE which as been announced on Thursday with atleast 3 students bagging slots in the top-100.


Utkarsh Makan has bagged the 40th rank while Mohit Gupta of Jamshedpur has come at 53rd ransk while in the OBC category he has managed the 6th rank. Anirudh Ojha has bagged 92nd rank who is the student of DSP Ranchi. Jugesh Kothari of Jamshedpur has bagged the 193rd rank.


Tarush Aggarwal of Jamshedpur has bagged 377rd rank, Sakib Hussain 470th rank, Rohan Aryan 479th rank, Raj Vardhan 958th rank, Vinay Kumar Aggarwal 1529th rank, Shreyansh Seth 1629th rank, Rishabh Ranjan 1633 rd rank and Chirag Aggarwal 2342nd rank.

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