Minor refuses marriage in Gumla

Gumla, Apr 27: In yet another instance of a minor girl protesting against early marraige Deepa Kumari (15) a resident of Karamtoli of Gumla district rebelled as she was being forced to marry a man twice her age.


Deepa straight away reached the office of the CWC and said that she was 15 and did not wantedf to marry but study further. Taking note of her courage she was given shelter by the CWC and shifted to the Nari Niketan.

Deepa said that she was a student of the 8th standard of Rajendra Abhyas Midle School and her father Firan Badaik works as a ‘raj Mitsri’ and her parents had fixed her marriage with a man from Chhattisgarh. She said that he marriage was fixed on April 29 but she did not wanted to marry the man who was in gae 29-30 years therefore she ran away from home and reached the police station she brought her to CWC.


CWC Chairman Sambhu Singh has recorded the statement of the girl and after that she was taken into the patronage of the CWC. He said that Deepa was a brave girl who refused early marriage. The administration would protect her. Mr Singh said that CWC would also meet her parents and added that he would speak with the DC and make arrangements for her study.


Deepa is not the firs case earlier in 2012 Saraswati Kumari of Gaghra block was teh first to riase her voice against early marraiage after which on April 29, 2015 Birasmuni Kumari of Palkot, Mamta Kumari of Gaghra in February 26, 2016 and Mangrita Kumari of Palkot refused early marriage.


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