Strawberry production gets boost with the support of Government

Ranchi: Government is helping the farmers of the state adopt and adapt to modern methods of farming which promise better yields and result in an increased income.

Many farmers in the state are employing modern techniques of farming instead of the traditional methods. There are hundreds of farmers like Shubham from Palamu, Gulabi Devi from Ramgarh, Sunay Chatar, Shankari Kuntiya, Rani Kunkal, Sunita Samad from chaibasa, who are becoming progressive farmers. Traditional farming is a matter of the past for them. Their farmlands are now covered with glowing, juicy red strawberries. They are not only producing strawberries but are also involved in the modern ‘Tishu Culture Seed’ farming. The state government is promoting these new progressive farmers by extending timely help in the form of training in scientific ways of farming, technical support and creating market linkage for the procurement of yield.

The Well construction and Micro Drip irrigation Schemes run by the state government is acting as a boon for these farmers. Farmers are being attached to these schemes, helping them earn a good profit. The farmers of Jharkhand have been trained in different ways of strawberry farming. Interested farmers are now producing a bulk of strawberries with the help of the government. The government is continuously working towards adding more farmers to strawberry farming and making Jharkhand a surplus state in strawberry production.

The fruit produced in Jharkhand gets sold in neighbouring states like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal. The strawberries produced in Jharkhand are top-notch in quality and are not inferior in any way as compared to the strawberries produced in the colder states. Today, hundreds of acres of land are being used for the cultivation of strawberries. More than 30 acres area of Hariharganj block of Palamu district alone is filled with strawberries. Strawberries are in demand across the cities. A major portion of the yield is being sold in the mandis of Kolkata.

The government is not only promoting the farming of strawberries but also promoting the production of other high demand crops like Broccoli, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Baby Corn, Dragon Fruit, etc.

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