States are being cheated, denied their rightful dues under the federal structure: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren on said that under the present federal structure the states are being cheated and are being denied their rightful dues.

Talking to the press outside the project building here he said that DVC has started load shedding in the name of pending dues while the Centre is now directly deducting the money of the state’s which is being maintained at the RBI.

He said that in the same account the state gets the funds for old age pension, widow pension, scholarships and funds for tribal affairs. He said that whatever is the due right of the states is being reduced therefore the state government has decided that whatever documents which were signed previously the state government has decided to walk out of it.

The Chief Minister further said that in the cabinet meeting two important decisions were taken including one related to JPSC. He said that the decision of the state government is aimed to make JPSC better in future, ensure that youth can get jobs and to prevent questions arising over the functioning of JPSC these new rules have been framed.

Hemant Soren said that after 1951 new rules have been formed as previously no one had tried to undertake such measures and after detailed review the government has decided to bring the rules in JPSC.

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