State level mock drill conducted in Dhurwa Dam regarding to combat flood disaster in Ranchi

Ranchi:  State level mock drill was organized at Dhurwa Dam in Ranchi on Thursday.

In which a mock drill related to disaster preparedness and disaster prevention was conducted.

Its main objective is to see how alert we are about disaster and how prepared we are.

So that how to protect life and property in case of disaster, a mock drill was shown.

The objective of the state level mock exercise on flood disaster is to understand how to protect people’s life and property and how to save lives in critical situations.

All this was shown to the people so that they can protect their life and property in a disaster through their knowledge.

Brigadier N.D.M.A. B. Thakkar, said that if due to any reason a flood situation arises, then the team of NDRF will prepare a plan regarding how to take action in the flood situation, thus creating a disaster situation.

Mock drill was conducted as per all the instructions of disaster management.

At the time of disaster, disaster relief work is completed only with the coordination of all concerned departments.

During the state level mock exercise at Dhurwa Dam, NDRF team, electricity department officials, ambulance, medical team, Disaster Management and all the concerned officers together completed this mock drill very well.

Through this, everyone learned how to prevent disaster by doing this mock drill with mutual coordination.

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