Lathi charge after breaking barricades by Panchayat Secretariat Association members near Jharkhand Assembly

Ranchi: The proceedings of the House are going on while various organizations protesting for their demands at some distance from the Assembly started creating ruckus.

The protesters were breaking the police cordon and moving towards the assembly to encircle them, to stop them the security forces deployed there used batons on the protesting people.

To stop the aggression of the protesting people, the soldiers also fired tear gas shells and water cannons on the protesters.

Many protesters have also been injured during the lathi charge.

In fact, members of the Panchayat Secretariat Swayamsevak Sangh were breaking the police cordon and moving ahead to surround the assembly.

During this, the security forces tried to stop them near the second barricade.

But they also broke the barricades on the other side and started moving forward.

After which the security forces used force to stop the protesters.

Meanwhile, there was a scuffle and scuffle between the security forces and the protesters.

During this time there was chaos on the spot.

Under the auspices of the State Level Panchayat Secretariat Swayamsevak Sangh of Jharkhand State, the indefinite protest is going on for 168 days.

The volunteers have been holding an indefinite protest near the Raj Bhavan since July 8 regarding their 5-point demands

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