State government is bringing rules to crush the voice of youth, if you ask questions then you will go to jail – BJP MLA Amit Mandal

Ranchi: BJP MLA Amit Mandal said that the state government is bringing a manual related to employment planning to suppress the voice of the youth.

Which is called Jharkhand Competitive Examination Rules.

There are many things in this which are against the youth.

An important thing in this is that if any person makes any kind of comment regarding the rules, the employee associated with it, their relative or friend, then an FIR will be lodged against him.

Amit Mandal said that the government wants to take away the right to speak by bringing this bill.

He said that there is also a clause in this manual that if someone comments on the question of the exam, its format etc., then such persons will also be fired.

It means if you take a question on JPSC.

If you raise questions on JSSC, action will be taken against you.

It has also been said in this manual that if any candidate raises questions on the manual, he will be debarred from appearing in any state government examination for a period of two to 10 years.

Amit Mandal said that if you agitate for your rights, you will have to face rebuke.

Regarding the manual, Amit Mandal said that this manual is the Tughlaqi decree of the state government.

Under this, if there is an FIR against a candidate under this rule, then you can be arrested even without any investigation.

In this it is added that the approval of any officer will not be required for the arrest.

Amit Mandal said that a copy of the bill has been received today.

Then it will go to the Select Committee.

After this there will be debate on it.

We will oppose this bill at any cost.

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