MLAs along with 4.50 lakh officers and employees will get the benefit of cashless medical insurance

Ranchi: All the MLAs of the state, about four and a half lakh present and retired officers, personnel and their families will get the facility of cashless medical insurance.

After getting the green signal to the proposal in the cabinet, now the health department has taken quick action and issued a resolution regarding this.

In 2014, the outgoing government passed a cabinet proposal regarding medical insurance.

But later it could not be implemented.

The gazetted officers and workers of the state government were constantly demanding and agitating for this.

Now this scheme has come to the ground.

Due to this, a wave of happiness has spread among the officers and workers.

Now the state government officers, employees and their families will get OPD and medical facilities up to five lakhs annually at an annual premium of Rs.6, 000.

At present, the personnel used to get only one thousand rupees per month as medical allowance.

Which will now be available only for five hundred rupees.

The government will take five hundred rupees from this for health insurance.

There are about 4.50 lakh retired and currently working officers and personnel in the state.

In which there is a shortage of 3.60 lakhs of class III and IV.

At present, instead of a medical allowance of Rs 1000 per month, now only Rs 500 will be available.

500 rupees government and from this there will be a new medical insurance at the rate of 6 thousand rupees annually.

All MLAs, personnel of all services of the state, retired personnel and dependent husband, wife, son, legal adopted son of the state (provided their age is 25 years up to and they are unemployed), daughter (unmarried, widow, abandoned), minor brother, unmarried sister, dependent parents (9 thousand per month and receiving pension less than dearness relief estimated at that time) etc. are included in this scheme.

Disabled dependents of state employees, retired employees will get the benefit of Aajveen health insurance.

To implement the scheme, an insurance company will be selected for the treatment of serious diseases duly identified by the health department.

Soon the tender will be invited for the selection of the insurance company.

A fund of Rs 100 crore will be made available to the health department in the current financial year for payment of premium.

In special circumstances, arrangements will be made for air ambulance, air travel.

Whose expenses will be borne from the corpus fund maintained at the level of Jharkhand State Arogya Samiti.

For the doctor outside the state, only the officer-employee and one of their assistants will get traveling allowance.

Road mileage, incidental, charge and rest allowance will not be payable for this journey.

Listing of hospitals inside and outside the state by adopting the process of Ayushman Bharat Mukhyamantri Jan Arogya Yojana organized by Jharkhand State Arogya Samiti, Jharkhand Government Employees Health Insurance Scheme All works like issuing cards, making timely payments to hospitals, ensuring smooth medical arrangements, etc. will be done under this scheme.

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