Spiritualism is the base of human life : Das

Ranchi, Mar 22: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that
spiritualism was the base of national life of the country.
Addressing the people on the occasion of centenary year celebration of
the establishment of Yogada Satsang Society of India he said that the
culture of our great nation was unique as from here only the concept
of ‘Vasudeo Kutumbkam’ originated. Education is not mere a tool for
information and the word has been very clearly defined by our saints.
They said that education is that which helps to remove materialistic
greed, communalism and violence from the humanity.
He said that Yogada Society has completed 100 years of its formation.
In these 100 years the society has served people across the world and
has mad them aware about the great ancient teachings of our country.
The Chief Minister said that in the modern era people are running
after materialistic desires and are leaving behind spiritualism. Due
to lack of balance between the two people are complaining about
depression, tensions and other mental dis-orders. He said that human
body also consists of soul, heart and mind. One can not be happy with
just full stomach but needed to keep soul, heart and mind happy too
which can be only achieved through Yoga and Satsang.
On the occasion he also participated in the Yoga programme and
distributed financial aid among the students of RIMS and BIT Mesra.
General Secretary of Yogada Satsang Society Swami Smarnanand Giri and
various other devotees and hundreds of other people were present on
the occasion.

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