Speaker extends greetings on International Women’s Day, Congress MLA rides Horse to Assembly

Ranchi: Assembly Speaker Ravindranath Mahto on Tuesday extended greetings to all the women of the state and female legislators inside the house on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

However, while the Speaker was extending his greetings the MLAs of the BJP indulged in sloganeering and protesting over their various issues. On this, the Speaker asked as to whether they do not get the support and the vote of women.

He said that the day was being celebrated as International Women’s Day therefore for the honour of the women the MLAs should maintain peace and allow the house to function properly. Continuing further Mahto said there are 10 female MLAs inside the house which shows that participation of the women is strong in the state. Apart from the Assembly he also extended his wishes to the women present in the secretariat, officers seating enclosure, public viewing enclosure, etc.

On the other hand, Congress party’s Barkagaon MLA Amba Prasad rode on her way to the Assembly on horseback. She said that there is Durga and Jhansi Ki Rani present inside every woman therefore they should strongly face all the challenges.

She said that the parents should ensure proper education of their children as women are excelling in every field and are making a name for themselves at the national and international level.

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