Sita Soren claimed victory, targeted JMM

Ranchi: Sita Soren, sister-in-law of former Chief Minister Hemant Soren, who left JMM and joined BJP, has raised questions on the death of her husband Durga Soren. He said that this murder should be investigated so that people can know how he died. Even today his death is a mystery.

In Ranchi, Sita Soren said that I wanted to do many things in JMM, but I was not allowed to work. Women do not get respect in JMM. Brokers and corrupt people are active in the party. Sita Soren targeted JMM.  She said that I am feeling happy after joining BJP. I kept struggling for 14 years. I did not get the respect I deserved. 

My husband Durga Soren, Shibu Soren created a separate state. Durga Soren ji’s contribution was important. JMM was my family’s party at my house. I treated her like family, but Durga Soren’s dream did not seem to be fulfilled in the party. I suffered after his death. I raised my small children with difficulty.

Sita Soren said that Shibu Soren is not well. He used to take care of us earlier, but now he was facing a lot of difficulty. This decision of mine is personal. He said that Jharkhand will develop only through Modi’s ideology. I wanted to do many things which I could not do. I wanted to install the statue at Jama Chowk, but it could not be installed. I talked to Hemant ji in this regard. I demanded an investigation into his death many times, but they paid no attention to this and kept ignoring my words. Till today people want to know how Durga Soren died.

I will not tolerate the insult of Durga Soren. Sita Soren said that BJP is the best party for women. He said that till the time Durga Soren was there, JMM was the principle of the party. Now brokers are active in the party. Wherever I went, I found only brokers. There is corruption everywhere. Jharkhand is immersed in darkness. I hope that Durga Soren’s dream will be fulfilled following the principles of BJP.

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