Singh criticises CM statement

Derogatory statement by CM Hemant Soren about Hindi, Bhojpuri and Maithili languages.

It is a highly objectionable and unwarranted statement given by CM Hemant Soren comparing the Hindi, Bhojpuri and Maithili languages to that used by criminals and especially as pointed out by him ‘Rapists’.

Such a statement is unbecoming of a State’s CM as he does not cater to just one single community or language but to the entire populace residing in the State many years before the formation of the current state of Jharkhand.

Such an irresponsible statement by the CM has deeply hurt the sentiments of the people speaking the above-mentioned three languages. Whatever the reasons he may have had for uttering such a statement but it’s totally unacceptable. It reeks of bias and prejudice and done so as an act of despair to divert the public attention from the deteriorating law and order and failure to provide adequate employment opportunities to the youth of the State. He should have realized that the entire nation is tackling the issue of poverty and national integration before making such a politically motivated statement. Is he attempting to create a rift among different communities to appease just one single community??

He should be aware that such political gimmickry will be totally unacceptable by the masses and understandably the innumerable protests from all corners of the State. As an Indian national every citizen has a right to their language and freedom for leading a prosperous life and help in the development of the State.

Without any further delay, the CM should retract his statement with an amicable explanation.

(Author: Jyotiresver Singh, Former President BJP Kisan Morcha, Jharkhand)

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