Shri Chaiti Durga Puja Mahasamiti Puja Pandal to be inaugurated on Monday, a grand procession to be taken place

Ranchi: The pandal of Shri Chaiti Durga Puja Mahasamiti will be inaugurated on Monday at Bhutaha Talabh located on the main road of Ranchi.

The committee gave this information in a press conference on Sunday.

General Secretary Gopal Pareek, President Shankar Dubey told that on Monday morning, worship of all Gods and consecration of the Mother will be done.

The pandal will be inaugurated jointly with all the officials at 9:30 am.

He said that this time the main attraction of the Shobha Yatra will be the display of a live tableau of the statue of Shri Ramlala installed in Ayodhya Shri Ram Janmabhoomi.

There will be a program of melodious bhajans of Jharkhand’s famous bhajan singer Vicky Chhabra.

Dance artists from Bengal will also be present in the procession.

Akhara holders, flag bearers, drums, weapons, bhajan troupes, dance artists and all other traditional processions like elephants, horses etc. from rural areas of Ranchi will accompany the immersion procession.

This year especially, the main goal is to take along all the devotees from the surrounding areas and walk in the procession in a peaceful and dignified manner.

He said that all the people who came on the day of the procession will be honoured.

As the water in the line tank pond is dry, immersion will be done in the jail pond as per the orders of the administration.

In order to ensure that all the programs of Shri Chaiti Durga Puja Maha Samiti are successfully completed, the people of Maha Samiti are continuously touring the city and rural areas for the last 20-22 days and are requesting for contact, coordination and cooperation from all the people.

On the occasion of this historic event, the administration has been requested to ensure complete cleanliness, security, electricity, water system and coordination with the committee people to make the event successful and they have also been given a detailed demand and suggestion letter.

On Tuesday, Maha Ashtami puja, Sarvdev puja, Durga Saptashati recitation and Aarti and at 04:17 pm Sandhi Bali, Aarti Pushpajanli and Nav Kanya puja.

At 08:30 pm, there will be Mahashtami procession, bhajan jagran, troupe, dhol nagada dhak tasa, worship and distribution of prasad in Bajrangbali temple.

On Wednesday at 9 am, during the Navami puja and Ram Navami procession, the people of the Maha Samiti will leave for Tapovan along with the officials of Mahavir Mandal.

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