‘Shortcut politics’ new challenge before country says PM, asks people to stay away from it

Deoghar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the country is facing a new challenge in form of shortcut politics and asked the people to remain away from it. “Today shortcut politics is the biggest challenge. It is very easy to fetch votes through shortcuts where no one has to do no hard work to get the votes of the people but if the politics of the country depends on shortcut politics then it will lead to a short circuit. We have to stay away from it,” he said while addressing a rally organised by the Jharkhand BJP at the Deoghar College Grounds here.

He said that earlier the parties which were in power adopted the shortcut politics as a result of which many nations which had got independence at a similar stage like that of India went ahead while ‘our country’ lagged behind. He said that the action of such parties was only confined to getting power. He cited the example of electricity which is generated through power plants and to set up the power plants one needs to make lots of investments but unfortunately those who indulge in shortcut politics use the money meant for investment in misleading the people as a result of which country goes backward and asked the people to remain away from it. The Prime Minister said that parties that indulge in shortcut politics do not make airports, roads, AIIMS and medical colleges. He said that when the government will not have money then how it will be able to undertake development and infrastructure people for the welfare of the people.

The Prime Minister said that a day earlier the entire country has watched the Diwali celebrated in Deoghar and when development reaches to them they become happy and excited. He said that the long queue of people which he saw from the airport to the temple in which people had come out to give their blessings to him are his biggest capital of life. “On one hand there is blessings of Baba Baidyanath and on the other side is the blessings of Janta Janardhan which give me strength,” he said adding that he had paid to Baba Baidyanath for the development of Jharkhand and its people.

He said that the nee facilities inaugurated here will help the kanwariyas and the devotees coming to Deoghar. The Prime Minister said that earlier governments use to announce the scheme after which a separate government use to lay the foundation stone while two-four governments use to put up the brick but his government has brought a change in the governance model and the government inaugurates the schemes and projects for which foundations are laid. Adding further he said India is the land of faith, spirituality and pilgrimage. “Pilgrimages have shaped us as a better society and a better nation. If we look at Deoghar itself, then there is also Shiva and Shakti as both Jyotirling and Shaktipeeth are present here.”

He said that the government is making big investments at places of religious and spiritual importance whether it was Kashi Vishwanath Kedarnath Ayodhya Deoghar Ramayan circuit or the Buddhist circuit as creation of modern facilities leads to the development of the area and also attracts investment and brings employment opportunities. He said that there are many countries in the world whose entire economy is dependent on tourism and in India also there is huge potential in this sector which needed to be enhanced further. Pointing the example of Kashi Vishwanath he said that post the beautification tourists inflow has increased three times in Varanasi which has benefitted the hotel’s dhabas and even those selling ‘chai’ (tea) are making a huge profit he said drawing big applause from the crowd.

Moreover, the handicraft makers weavers, etc have also seen an increase in their income. Similarly in Kedarnath earlier when the doors of the temple were opened hardly 2.50 lakh people use to visit in two months but this year so far 9 lakh have visited Baba Kedar and similar in the story regarding the Statue of Unity made on the banks of Narmada river in Gujarat which has brought changes in the lives of the tribals which live in that area.

The Prime Minister said that when tourism of a particular area increases it is the poor dalits tribals and backward who are most benefitted. He said that it was his government that declared birthday of Bhagwan Birsa Munda which falls on November 15 as national tribal pride day. The Prime Minister said that Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is not mere a slogan but was proof of the dedication intention and hardwork of the government.

He said that in the last eight years strength has been given to those who only remained in the political slogans. “Poor dalits tribals women are now in the first priority list of the government,” he said adding that the works which are taking place in the country now did not happen earlier as the parties which were in government only wanted power at any cost and had they accorded priority to develop the country could have gone far ahead in 75 years of independence.

Prime Minister said that Jharkhand and Santhal Pargana had to wait long for development but the NDA and BJP governments are working to provide all facilities to the poor and the backward including homes and roads. He said that in Jharkhand 12 lakh families have got pucca homes and efforts are on to provide them with power gas and water connections. He said that the government understands the problems of the poor and  has stood with them in their sorrow and grief.

He said that when Corona pandemic struck free of cost vaccines and food grains were provided to the people and lakhs of people in Jharkhand benefitted from it. Further, he pointed  that Ayushman Bharat Yojana was started from Jharkhand itself which has benefitted 3 crore people out of which 12 lakh are from Jharkhand. He said that through the Ayushman Yojana Rs 1400 crore was saved which would have gone to hospitals for treatment. The Prime Minister said that strengthening of the tribals is a priority for the government for which the aspirational districts programme was started and many districts of Jharkhand have benefitted from the initiative. Further, he pointed that the centre is going to invest Rs 6000 crore in 44 tribal-dominated districts of the country to improve 4G connectivity so that the tribals can also get benefit of Digital India. He said that more than 90 Eklavya Schools are being set up in Jharkhand.

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