Shefali Jariwala opens up on her role Kapalika in ‘Shaitani Rasmein

Mumbai (IANS) Best known as ‘Kaanta Laga’ girl, actress Shefali Jariwala, who is set to make her television debut with the upcoming show ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ has opened up on her character Kapalika, and the intensive workshops she underwent to embody the essence of the role.

Shefali shared her immersive experience, stating, “I was living the character of Kapalika in real life too.”

“I wanted to give the best to my character, so I started living like Kapalika. My walks, my talks, even my reactions to people–I changed everything to align with Kapalika’s persona. I even locked myself in the bedroom to thoroughly transform into the character,” she shared.

Shefali emphasised her commitment to making the portrayal seamless.

“My character is a bit dark, and I want to ensure that people cannot recognise the difference between Shefali and Kapalika on screen. That’s what I’m rooting for,” added Shefali.

‘Shaitani Rasmein’ is set to redefine storytelling with its intriguing plot and powerful character portrayals.

The show also stars Vibhav Roy and Naqiyah Haji in lead roles. It will soon air on Star Bharat.

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