Secretariat Service Association raised slogans in the project building, said, Personnel Secretary wants to run the portal building through outsourcing

Ranchi:  Slogans were raised by the Secretariat Service Association in the project building premises. The union said that the consent given by former Chief Minister Hemant Soren on the creation of 24 posts of Joint Secretary and 41 posts of Deputy Secretary is currently being abolished and the Personnel Secretary is completely responsible for this.

The union says that it seems that the Personnel Secretary is working under someone’s pressure and their intention is to push the secretariat towards outsourcing, hence they will not allow their intention to be fulfilled. The Sangh people said that they were not being allowed to meet the Chief Minister.

This program is a warning, if the attitude of the government remains the same then the movement will intensify and we are ready to go to any extent. Here, employees of the Personal Assistant Joint Service Association also participated in this program demanding promotion.

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