Second Art Carnival by The Bombay Art Society

New Delhi (IANSlife) The Bombay Art Society (BAS), founded in 1888, is one of the oldest non-profit art institutions in the Asian subcontinent promoting visual arts for 135 years, and is presenting its 2nd Art Carnival Exhibition at The Bombay Art Society, Bandra reclamation.

The Art carnival will showcase 75 works from 30 upcoming and talented artists who are based from Delhi to Kanyakumari and the show will be on display from April 24 to 30 at the Bombay Art Society.

Arpita B. Ruparel

Rajendra Patil, President-The Bombay Art Society shared, “The Bombay Art Society which is a 135 year old institute, has always strived to give a solid platform for all the budding, and talented artists from across the country. The Art Carnival series is bringing together artists from Delhi to Kanyakumari in an effort to showcase the wide artistic talent the country has to offer. 70 paintings on display at the current show has on display the traditional mediums like water colour on paper to more modern techniques of working with metals and various stones to create some amazing artwork.”

Niyati Buch

Every artist’s desire has always been to show their work in a major city like Mumbai in an effort to reach a larger audience. The financial centre provides fresh and constantly developing art locations, keeping the art scene as active as ever.

However, many artists cannot afford exhibiting costs, even in public galleries. The Bombay Art Society, which has been supporting art and artists since 1888, developed a series of art exhibitions called “Art Carnival,” a type of group displays that are affordable for up-and-coming artists, keeping in mind the limits of the art infrastructure and financial constraints.

Pradnya Kapshikar

He further added, “The Art Carnival aims to initiate direct communication between artists and art viewers including art writers and art buyers. There are many artists who stay outside major art markets and find it hard to showcase their art in the mainstream art arena. Through Art Carnival, Society aims to bridge this gap and provide artists with exposure for their art, simultaneously providing art collectors and buyers with access to that art.”

Shruti Goenka

A series of exhibitions from 24 to 30 April 2023 will feature a total 75 artworks by 30 artists.

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