Schemes can be implemented under Mnrega and JTDS convergence: Mnrega Commissioner

Ranchi: Under Mnrega 263 different types of anticipated works can be done, in which water and soil harvesting, agriculture related works, NRN related works, horticulture and other types of plantation, animal shed are prominent.

Therefore, under the convergence of Mnrega and Jharkhand Tribal Development Society, different types of schemes can be implemented.  Mnrega Commissioner Rajeshwari B said while addressing the one-day state level convergence workshop of JTDS said that Birsa Green Village Scheme has immense potential under convergence, it will help in the selection of beneficiary of horticulture and assured that all cooperation will be available.

She said that by convergence in Didi Bagiya, where there would be cooperation in the selection of entrepreneurs who would also be able to excel in imparting training and capacity building from time to time.

She said that JTD is implementing the JTELP project funded by the United Nations body Efad and the seven years project ended on 31 December 2021.

In this workshop impact assessment of project as well as learning was also presented by Ashish Anand, Additional Project Director, JTD.  The outcome of this workshop will also be shared with the United Nations body EFAD.

The main objective of organizing one day workshop of JTDS was to encourage the various departments, NGO officers working in the development sector to work unitedly under convergence in which integrated development of villagers and beneficiaries can be done.  In the workshop, information about the schemes being run by various departments was also given and it was talked about taking all the schemes to the maximum beneficiaries.  In the workshop Suraj Kumar, CEO, JSLPS informed about various schemes for the development of women didis of Jharkhand.

State Project Director JTDS Bhishma Kumar, Director TRI, Director ICAR Palandu, Director Lacquer Research Institute and many officials were present in the state level workshop.

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