Sayaji Shinde: Humans taught to earn money but not coexist with nature

New Delhi (IANSlife) Actor Sayaji Shinde, who is an environment crusader along with being a popular face in the Indian film and theatre world, feels that humans have been taught how to earn money but not how to live In harmony with the environment. Shinde also advocates for road safety precautions amid increasing personal car use and road trips due to Covid-19.

“Road safety is of paramount importance anywhere in the world. Following the road safety rules and regulations will ensure all lives are safe and our loved ones will reach home safely. Post Covid-19 in India, people have started taking road trips which increase the importance of car maintenance which will reduce mechanical failure and the travellers can have a pleasant trip,” Shinde told IANS.

The veteran actor with many Filmfare awards and nominations has also recently been roped in as the face of 24-hour emergency roadside assistance platform AUTO i CARE. He plays the character ‘Apna Bhai’ in the ‘Gaadi Bandh, No Fikar’ campaigns for the mobile app, which services stranded vehicles and provides instant roadside assistance. The app registered a 70 per cent rise in towing assistance queries post-accidents on highways.

While being on the road, what does he always ensure? “I travel to various places by car if other modes of transport like train or airplane do not reach there. Before the start of any trip, I ensure the car is serviced properly. Some of the key things I follow is checking the battery of the car, oil and coolant levels, type pressure, working of AC and more. These small checks make sure my trip is safe and enjoyable.”

Shinde says he is doing movies in Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri and Telugu languages in the forthcoming years. He is currently working in a movie called ‘Antim’ with Salman Khan and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, along with ‘Dharma’ which is a Bhojpuri movie nearing completion.

Talking about his passion for the environment, Shinde says: “Being an environment crusader is in my blood and I have been enthusiastic about this cause since the beginning. It was further fuelled by one of my early plays which had the tone of forest conservation. I am also promoting tree plantation through Sahyadri Devrai, as planting more trees will increase oxygen in the air and I personally practice what I am preaching.”

“The situation currently is that if you ask anyone names of five trees and five birds, they won’t be able to answer. We have been taught how to earn money but we haven’t been taught how to live in harmony with the environment. I have been supporting like-minded individuals in other states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka. Planting trees is the only way to reduce carbon emissions and provide us with clean breathable air. I want the current and future generations to plant trees for their own benefit.”

The Maharashtra-born actor also speaks about the state being severely Covid-affected.

“Covid-19 has again raised its ugly head across the country and especially Maharashtra which is one of the worst hit. To keep safe during Covid-19, the main thing to do is to be mentally strong and to have a positive attitude. Medicine will work faster if you are less stressed and have a strong will to kick out the virus.”

Finally, what is his message on road safety and safe driving.

“Ensure your car is properly serviced and take good care of the vehicles, which will keep you and your family safe and drive safe and follow all the road safety rules and you will always have an enjoyable road trip.”

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