Savour the freshness of real beans in your coffee and chocolate

New Delhi (IANSlife) For the first time in India comes a destination that is the perfect combination of one of the best combinations made in heaven: chocolate and coffee. With its first coffee and chocolate laboratory, Savorworks Roasters brings a dream space to the capital for lovers of the Dolce Vita or the good life!

A unique concept in the country, the recently launched coffee is a one-stop shop to a bean-to-bar and bean-to-cup experience. In one of Delhi’s chicest addresses, Chhatarpur, the studio serves as the perfect caffeine-free retreat for city connoisseurs.

Savorworks Roasters aims to change the way India drinks and tastes coffee, from the inside to carefully crafted experiences. Coffee roasting, cafe and chocolate shop, this atelier is reminiscent of European cafes where guests can admire the process of making a chocolate bar, from roasting the cocoa beans to making the bar, as well as the intoxicating method of making coffee. make from coffee. By sourcing the finest locally grown cocoa and coffee beans and transforming them into fine chocolate and coffee, the brand aims to revolutionise the coffee and chocolate experience in India. A labour of love by passionate couple Paweena Withyasathien and Baninder Singh, Savorworks Roasters is an SCA-certified bean-to-bar coffee and chocolate roasting company founded in 2019.

Inspired by the concept that guests have a complete coffee drinking experience, not limited to just one cup, Paweena and Baninder have created a minimalist, sophisticated yet cozy space with a Scandinavian vibe. “More than the atmosphere, the idea is to give people an experience,” said Paweena, co-founder and art director.

A typical day at Savour work roasters is centered around varied experiences. While diners enjoy tasty dishes, they can feast on live roasting behind the glass door where coffee beans from the estates of Riverdale and Stanley in Tamil Nadu and Ratnagiri in Karnataka are roasted and made into fragrant coffee. Every coffee processed anaerobically by Savor work roasters has a story. So when you buy a Boss’s Wife homemade blend, you come home with a coffee literally inspired by the boss’s wife, aka Paweena! And if you’re fascinated by the Honey I’m Nuts blend, opt for a special honey processed coffee that has been processed for 36 hours and dried slowly for 21 days. Other blends include Phenom, Washed Riverdale Estate et al.

Savorworkroasters is very proud of its handcrafted chocolates, which are also produced in-house in the chocolate shop. It is conceptualized on the strategic sourcing of locally grown cocoa by Idukki and Annamalai and its transformation into mixed chocolate for chocoholics. There is a range of flavors that the chocolatier offers; banoffee, pina colada to a non-alcoholic gin and tonic, Savoworkroasters chocolates are a work of art.

For all those who want to savour and take back home a slice of this experience, there’s the retail space where they can pick up some of the finest coffees, chocolates and even the in-house desserts. “The cafe will be a place where we push our own boundaries of craft, developing a unique roast for each individual coffee and a unique flavour profile for chocolate before experimenting with coffee and chocolate as an art form into imaginative and often surprising creations,” says Paweena.

Along with coffee brewed right before your eyes, there’s also an ice cream counter where diners can indulge in this artisanal frozen Italian dessert. Savorworks Roasters also offers a selection of specialty croissant sandwiches ranging from Caprese (sun-dried tomato pesto, bocconcini and arugula salad) to Mediterranean (roasted eggplant and zucchini, hummus) and Chicken Arrabiata (pulled chicken in arrabiata sauce, bocconcini cheese) are enough. The Affogato is the icing on the cake, literally with their signature gelato topped with freshly brewed espresso. The menu also consists of an eclectic drinks menu with original house drinks, including Aloha (passion fruit syrup, soda, and ice cream topped with espresso); Wadar (espresso over powdered charcoal and milk); Caf´┐Ż Brule (pre-mixed sweet latte with yuzu syrup) or Sunset (lemon juice and honey with a cold brew or espresso and cream cheese).

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