Rural women becoming self-reliant, Sakhi Mandal is getting empowered

Ranchi: To strengthen the rural economy, the economic activities are being continuously linked by Chief Minister Hemant Soren.

Women in the rural areas are also being made the strong base of this link, so that they can become self-reliant and play an important role in strengthening the rural economy.

For this, 82,002 Sakhi Mandals have been formed in the state since January 2020. Through this, more than 9.7 lakhs rural women have been added to Sakhi Mandal. At the same time, 7,544 village organizations and 413 cluster organizations have been formed for the development of rural families.

Expressing confidence in the government, more than 90 thousand rural women in the form of community cadre are contributing in rural development. For the generation of livelihood of rural women, the government is providing financial assistance through Sakhi Mandal. From January 2020 till now, a grant of Rs 244 crores has been given to Sakhi Mandals in the form of a circular fund. At the same time, about Rs 597 crores has been made available to Sakhi Mandal as a community investment fund.

An amount of about Rs 1,798 crores has been made available to 58,112 Sakhi Mandals as bank credit linkages. At the same time, under the National Rural Livelihood Mission, about 34.57 lakhs rural women have been linked to a total of 2.76 lakh Sakhi Mandals in the state so far. At the same time, 369.58 crores have been made available as a circular funds, 804.40 crores as community investment funds. About 21 lakhs families associated with Sakhi Mandal have been linked with the means of livelihood.

The government is working with the goal of providing dignified livelihoods to rural women. Advancing towards its goal, the government has so far connected about 22 lakhs, rural families, with the means of strong livelihood through Sakhi Mandal. Under the Phulo-Jhano Aashirwad Abhiyaan, the identity of 23,714 women involved in the sale and manufacture of (hadiya daru) has been ensured. Out of the identified women, 23,214 women have been linked with a respectable livelihood by providing an interest-free loan amounting to about Rs 23.21 crore

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