Rising cold forces Birsa Zoo authorities to provide heaters & blowers to animals

Ranchi: In view of the increasing cold in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi, all possible measures are being taken to save the animals from the cold at Birsa Munda Zoological Park.

The health of wild animals including Tigers and leopards is being taken care of due to dipping temperatures. The tigers have been provided with heaters and blowers outside their enclosure. In this, concrete arrangements have been made to keep the whole area warm outside the enclosure after the evening.

Doctor of Birsa Zoo Dr Omprakash said that animals are being given multivitamins so that the nutrition in their body does not decrease and there is no lethargy in their activity. The enclosure of the Tiger and Leopards has been covered with a wooden board. At the same time, vegetarian animals are being saved from the cold by applying straws. 

The whole environment of Birsa Biological Park is like a forest, in such a way, tigers like to play with water in the sun during the day, so they also have fun with water. Dr Om Prakash said that in view of the increasing cold some changes have been made in the diet of the animals. Eggs are being given to the birds and the bear. In fact, the hunger of wild animals and their diet also increases during cold days.

On cold days, they feel more hungry in such a situation they are given complete food only once in the evening and an adult tiger eats up to 10 kg of meat, although they are given light food with milk throughout the day. In view of the cold, the snake house has been closed till 15 February.

Actually, the snake is cold-blooded and has trouble in the cold. As a precaution, the snake house has been closed. Spread over 104 hectares, Birsa Zoo has about 1526 animals of 83 different species. At present, there are 9 tigers, 4 lions and 8 leopards in Birsa Zoo.

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