Rescued Labourers celebrated their happiness with Family Members after their return to home

Ranchi: Kherabeda village is about 40 kilometers away from the capital Ranchi.

This village comes under Chutupalu Panchayat, which is situated amidst plateau and forests, two km west of the National Highway.

Three laborers from this village of barely 10 to 15 families were trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel accident in Uttarakhand.

The village where there was sadness for about 20 days, today has an atmosphere of happiness.

The victim’s family is celebrating and dancing.

People are laughing and joking among themselves.

All three laborers trapped in the tunnel have returned home safely.

Everyone reached their home around 12 o’clock late night on Friday.

Due to a spinal problem, my father has been in a wheelchair for the last one year.

Sister has passed matriculation.

He has studies.

There is a hut in the name of the house.

If guests other than one’s own family come, one has to go to a neighboring house and sleep.

A little farming is done relying on the mother.

I am the only earning member of the house.

If one gets employment in one’s own city and state, then why does one go to do risky work thousands of kilometers away?

There were domestic compulsions due to which I was forced to leave the house.

This is what Rajendra Bedia has to say.

Rajendra is one of the three people from Ranchi trapped in the tunnel of Uttarakhand.

When we reached Rajendra Bedia’s house, the atmosphere there seemed changed.

The happiness of her son returning home is clearly visible on the mother’s face.

She says now we will not let her go back under any circumstances.

Will do whatever work is available here.

Early morning puja was performed at home as per tribal customs.

The mother tells us that we had prayed to our god for the return of our son.

Some puja has taken place, some is yet to take place.

A chicken will be sacrificed.

God has heard our wishes.

During a conversation at a hut-like house made of bamboo and other wood, Rajendra said that he had gone to work for the first time.

The daily wage was Rs 600, out of which Rs 150 had to be paid for food.

He says that on the day the accident happened, we all were working inside the tunnel.

Then there was a loud noise.

At first we could not understand, then we realized that we were trapped.

On the day of the accident, I could not understand what would happen or not.

Then the next day there was contact from outside.

So there was relief.

There were 41 of us inside.

That’s why courage remained.

They would talk only among themselves.

This way we were passing time.

But there was confidence that we would overcome this crisis.

Sukram Bedia’s family lives on the plateau of this Kherabeda village.

Father does farming.

He says that the family does not earn money from farming.

There is no work even in the village.

Passed matriculation three years ago but could not pursue further studies due to lack of money.

He used to roam here and there in the village.

An acquaintance told me to go work outside and get a good salary.

I also felt that if I get some money, I will be able to pursue further studies.

If there were domestic compulsions then one had to leave the house.

It was my first time and this kind of accident would happen.

Everyone is happy when Sukram returns home.

Puja was performed at home.

The whole family is dancing to local songs.

Sukram tells that after the accident, every day what was running in his mind was how his family would be.

Every day the only worry is how to get out of here.

He says that he could talk to his family a week after the incident.

Along with Sukram, his partner Naresh Bedia is also in the house.

He was not involved in the accident but was waiting for his friend outside.

He tells me that I had a day shift.

For this reason we were outside.

He tells us that many of us were in his room.

Other colleagues came to know that such an accident had happened.

Then we all went to the accident site.

He saw that many people had gathered there.

It was told that the tunnel has caved in and people are trapped inside.

On the question of going back, Naresh says that we will look after the work.

If the Jharkhand government gives us work in its own state then why would I go outside.

The first house on entering Kherabeda village is that of Anil Bedia.

People are also gathered in the courtyard of his house.

There is an atmosphere of happiness.

Everyone is surrounding Anil.

Meanwhile, there is a conversation with Anil.

Anil’s story is different from the other two labourers.

He says that many people from my village and surrounding villages used to go outside to work.

Many of his friends were also there.

He said that if you go out to work, I will go.

In response to this question he says that the work was mentioned but the work in the tunnel was not mentioned.

Regarding the accident, Anil said that the accident happened one km away from where we were working.

The sound of debris falling had reached us.

By the way, this kind of sound kept coming.

He says that there was some fear and some panic in the 24 hours after the incident.

Then everyone became disappointed wondering what would happen next.

Many people started crying.

When I contacted people outside, everything seemed normal again.

After Anil Bedia’s return home, his family welcomed him with flower garland and aarti. Family members said that Diwali has not been celebrated at home till now.

Now it will be celebrated.

Anil has worshiped his village deity early this morning.

He tells that the family members had made a vow.

A goat has been sacrificed for the same.

He says that there is no work in the village.

There is only a stone crusher here.

But there is not much work available there either.

Anil passed 10th class two years ago.

He wanted to study further but could not.

Before going to Uttarakhand he had worked in Bengaluru.

On the question of studying, he says that now he will not be able to study.

On the question of going out, he says that he will not go at the moment.

In the village where for the last 20 days only the sound of the crusher machine breaking stones was heard.

There people were dancing to Nagpuri songs in the morning.

Early in the morning, the families of Anil Bedia, Rajendra Bedia and Sukram Bedia worshiped the village deity and their Ishta.

There was a lot of dancing and singing at Sukram’s house.

Now a smile appeared on the face of father Shravan Bedia.

People are coming to the house of almost every labourer.

Asking them about their condition.

Everyone also plans for the future amidst this happy atmosphere.

Everyone is unanimous that one should not go out and work under any circumstances.

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