Now professors would not be appointed arbitrarily in universities

Ranchi: The tradition of giving benefits to favorites in the name of Professor of Practice in the University will end.

University Grants Commission (UGC) has sought details of those appointed to the post of Professor of Practice.

After the details, UGC will tell which candidate is right and who is wrong for being appointed to the post of Professor of Practice.

In this regard, UGC has issued a notification in this regard on December 1.

In this regard, UGC has launched the Professor of Practice portal.

This portal serves as a platform where professionals come together.

After which he can get registered.

Currently, 4255 experts are already registered on the portal.

Who can contribute as Professor of Practice in 325 higher education institutions including universities across the country.

According to the new guidelines of UGC, higher education institutions will have to send demand on the portal for Professor of Practice as per requirement.

Experts from the fields of industry, commerce, engineering, science, technology, entrepreneurship, social sciences, media, literature and art can register themselves on the portal.

UGC had already suggested making necessary changes in the rules and ordinances regarding appointment to higher educational institutions.

Professor of Practice can be appointed for a maximum period of four years.

Professors of Practice can be people who are not teachers by their original profession nor do they have prescribed qualifications like PhD or UGC NET for teaching in a university.

Universities can appoint students to teach on the basis of their extensive professional experience.

Professor of Practice will teach students such subjects in which he has long professional experience.

A provision has been made in the National Education Policy 2O2O, a transformational approach to higher education, emphasizing skill-based education that keeps pace with the emerging needs of industries and the broader economy.

Under this, UGC has asked to provide information about the people appointed to the post of Professor of Practice.

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