Reply opposition money power with victory of Baby Devi in bypoll: Hemant Soren

Bermo: Chief Minister Hemant Soren addressed a meeting at Uparghat in Nawadih on Sunday, in support of ‘India’ alliance candidate Baby Devi in the Dumri assembly by-election. He said that the opposition parties are engaged in distributing money in exchange for votes. They have an army of capitalists. They want to buy votes with money. The public should answer this by making Baby Devi win with huge votes. This will be his tribute to the late Jagarnath Mahato. 

CM said that this self. Jagarnath Mahato kept fighting for the rights of the people of Dumri throughout his life. Always kept talking about the interests of the people here. With his actions, he has drawn such a big line in the state that it is difficult to cross it. When he was no more, the state government has fulfilled its responsibility by appointing his wife as a minister, now it is the turn of the public to make her strong and send her to the House.

Hemant said that today he has not come to tell the achievements of his state government, he has come to make people aware of the actions of the opposition. Don’t compromise your honor for money and take your decision by remembering the works of Jagarnath Mahato. He also kept his words in the Santhali language.

The meeting was also addressed by State Health Minister Banna Gupta, Minister Satyanand Bhokta, MLA Mathura Mahato, MLA Jaimangal Singh, candidate minister Baby Devi, former MP Bhuneshwar Mehta, former MLA Mamta Devi, Yogendra Mahato etc.

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