Ranchi makes record in mobile vaccination, more than 1 lakh people vaccinated from mobile van

Ranchi: A record has been made in Ranchi in Covid-19 vaccination through mobile vans as so far more than one lakh people have been vaccinated.

Ranchi has thus become the first district in the state to vaccinate more than one lakh people through mobile vans.
The special mobile vaccination campaign in the Ranchi district was started on 28 May 2021 by Health Minister Banna Gupta. So far, more than one lakh people have been vaccinated through mobile vaccination in the district from 28 May to 10 October 2021.
Mobile vaccination was started in the Ranchi district with 02 mobile vans. After this, 9 more mobile vans were added by the district administration. At present, the vaccine of Covid-19 is being given to people at different places in Ranchi through a total of 11 mobile vans.

Control room number has also been created in the Ranchi district for vaccination of Covid-19 through the mobile van. People can request mobile vaccination by calling 7546028221. In case there are more than 50 people at one place, the district administration gets the vaccination done through mobile vans at the said place.

From 28 May 2021 to 10 October 2021, vaccination work has been done at a total of 1804 places in the Ranchi district through mobile vans. During this, more than one lakh people were given the Covid-19 vaccine.

The mobile vaccination team of the district administration has reached about 2000 places so far. This team reached various localities including old age ashram, CIP Kanke, footpath shopkeeper, blind school, slum area, worship pandals, Divyangjan while more than one lakh people were vaccinated against Covid-19. The district administration team reached the homes of the elderly who were unable to walk. Along with this, vaccination of auto drivers was also done through mobile vans.

Ranchi district was the first to start the Covid-19 vaccination of transgenders in the state. Transgenders were also vaccinated by the district administration team through mobile vans at various places.

Initially, mobile vaccination was introduced due to the online registration of Covid-19 vaccination and due to the non-internet friendly of a large population. The thinking of the district administration behind this was that the vaccine should be made available to the people as soon as possible.

Ranchi district is at the fore in the entire state in Covid-19 vaccination coverage, in this case, the other districts of the state are behind Ranchi. In the Ranchi district, more than 14 lakh first doses and about 6 lakh second doses have been given to the people. Updates related to vaccination statistics can be obtained at cowin.gov.in.

After making a record in Covid-19 vaccination, Deputy Commissioner Ranchi, Chhavi Ranjan has expressed happiness. He said that the vaccination team of the district administration has worked hard. Whatever the weather was, the team reached on time and many times the team worked according to the situation he said. The Deputy Commissioner expressed his gratitude to all the officers/personnel involved in the team and said that similar teamwork is expected from them in the future also so that the Ranchi district continues to achieve more achievements. The Deputy Commissioner said that the campaign will continue till the target of 100 percent vaccination is achieved.

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